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Formula Group T is a project run by Belgian masterstudents in engineering from GROUP T who design and build small electric vehicles and compete with other universities worldwide in the Formula Student competitions during the summer. Areion was their first car and was built in 2011-2012, Eve is their second car and finished its summer of Formula Student in 2013. The team is currently working on their 3rd car, June

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Production Diffuser

Published Apr 17th, 12:00

Production Diffuser Last night, we finished laminating our diffuser. This was the biggest hand lay-up done by the team so far, no less than seven people were needed to bring this production to a good ending. Another nice fact is that within a few days Formula Group T will finally have its first aerodynamic device. However, at the moment the resin is still curing, so fingers crossed! Furthermore we would like to thank Zoltek for providing the carbon fabrics that were needed and Voxdale for their support with the design. www.zoltek.com & www.voxdale.be

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Fiberglass molds finished

Published Apr 15th, 18:00

Fiberglass molds finished Thanks to Sonaca, the fiberglass molds are finally finished. Now we really can start fabricating our monocoque! www.sonaca.com

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Uprights from Quantor

Published Apr 1st, 10:00

Uprights from Quantor We are pleased to announce that the front uprights are already finished.
We can almost start assembling the suspension parts.
Thanks to the expertise of Quantor we were able to design and manufacture lightweight uprights.
We would like to thank Quantor for their amazing job!

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PFT profiles

Published Apr 1st, 00:00

PFT profiles More suspension parts arrived this week at our office at TE connectivity. A new sponser this year is PFT profiles. PFT Profiles is a company that specializes in the development and production of high-quality composite profiles. PFT profiles provides us with all the necessary materials to make our carbon wishbones. Now we are another step closer to finishing June !

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Suspension Brackets

Published Mar 31st, 17:00

Suspension Brackets The suspension brackets came in today! Stewal provided us with all the necessary brackets to attach all the suspension parts to our monocoque. Last year they provided us with the tie rods for Eve. We would like to thank the Stewal team for their continuous support in our team !

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Impact Tests At Tata Steel

Published Mar 25th, 09:00

Impact Tests At Tata Steel Today Formula Group T went to Tata Steel at Ijmuiden to test our impact attenuator. As stated in the rules, the impact attenuator has to absorb an impact of 7350 joules. We developed a set of three attenuators with different densities. The crash test consisted of a mass of 230 kg that falls down with a speed of 8m/s. As you can see on the picture, the density of the material has a great influence at the behavior in a crash test. Many thanks to Tata Steel for their hospitality and the use of their test facilities. For more information about this company, you can visit www.tatasteel.com.

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Airtech Material has arrived

Published Mar 24th, 12:00

Airtech Material has arrived This week we got a nice package of Airtech. Like last year, Airtech support us with all the vacuum material that we need. Thanks to this materials, we are able to make lightweight composite parts. www.airtechonline.com

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Composite materials and accesoires by Viba

Published Mar 22nd, 12:00

Composite materials and accesoires by Viba Thanks to Viba we also have this year all the material and accesoires that we need to handle our composite materials. Soon the production of the carbon fibre parts will start. www.viba.be

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Coroplast cables arrived!

Published Mar 20th, 00:00

Coroplast cables arrived! Thanks to Coroplast we can get the amps going. Making the connection between motors, drives and battery, the cables will be an indispensable part of the high voltage circuit of June. Thank you Coroplast! (www.coroplast.de)

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Battery cells from Melasta

Published Mar 20th, 00:00

Battery cells from Melasta The little electric hearts of June have arrived from Melasta! Today they went straight into testing. No time to loose so we can start stacking them together into a battery pack!
We are very confident that June will accelerate faster and go longer with these powerful cells from Melasta. We would like to thank Melasta for their support during the selection process and shipment. (www.melasta.com)

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