Formula Group T is a project run by Belgian masterstudents in engineering from GROUP T who design and build small electric vehicles and compete with other universities worldwide in the Formula Student competitions during the summer. Areion was their first car and was built in 2011-2012, Eve is their second car and finished its summer of Formula Student in 2013. The team is currently working on their 3rd car, June

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Sunday 14-09 E-Cross Circuit Zolder

Published Sep 12th, 00:00

Sunday 14-09 E-Cross Circuit Zolder Formula Group T is back from Spain, after a summer full of action and competition, it is time to start designing the new car. But the age of June is not over yet, June will be seen at many events in the coming years and the first event is the E-Cross Germany at Circuit Zolder next Sunday (09/14/2014). Formula Group T will give a demonstration with June and everyone is welcome to this event where many electric vehicles will be present. More information can be found at (http://ecross-germany.de/)

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New team, new start!

Published Sep 1st, 10:26

New team, new start! After a wonderful year it's now time to close the chapter of June. When we look back we can only conclude it was a year full of ups and downs where we gained a lot of experience. Now we can pas this experience to the next generation of team members, who will accept the challenge to build an even better car then this year.

The new team is now in full progress to develop the design of our new car. We can already say that we will be using an carbon fiber monocoque again which will be fully optimized to become more lighter. More on this will follow the next months, we will keep you posted.

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Williams Martini Racing F1 motorhome event

Published Aug 20th, 15:00

Williams Martini Racing F1 motorhome event Yesterday we had a wonderful evening at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps where we were invited at the Williams Martini Racing F1 motorhome event. We were honored to take part in this event and would like to thank Randstad for the invitation and the great organization.

After a warm welcome at the motor home roof terrace Martini bar, we had a chat with Valtteri Bottas while overlooking the world's largest F1 track. Afterwards we took a look in the Williams Martini Racing pit where the engineers were putting the final touches to the car setups for today's practice sessions. During our walkaround, a lot of similarities between...

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Back in Belgium

Published Aug 5th, 00:00

Back in Belgium Formula Group T and June are back in Belgium! We finished on a 23rd place in the electric event. Formula Student Germany was a roller-coaster of emotions. An exhausting couple of days, getting the car through scrutineering proved to be a challenge. The powertrain team persisted and got June through. It was great to participate in the dynamic events and to show the potential of June to the other teams and to our partners who made their way to Hockenheim. Over the next couple of weeks we will be fine tuning June to get her in pristine condition for Formula Student Spain!!

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First Dynamic Results @ Hockenheim

Published Aug 3rd, 10:00

First Dynamic Results @ Hockenheim Saturday started with a brake test, we proved that we could successfully lock up our four wheels. With our final scrutineering sticker we could proceed to the dynamic events. The acceleration event was already started so we rushed our car to our pitbox to change the setup. We managed to get some time for a quick test run. It helps a little bit to heat up the tires, but it’s mainly for the confidence of the driver and reassuring that our setup is suitable for accelerating. We got in line for our first run, which resulted in a good 4.75 seconds. We did another three runs and had a final result of 4.66 seconds for the acceleration event.

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Scrutineering Completed @ Hockenheim

Published Aug 2nd, 09:00

Scrutineering Completed @ Hockenheim Good morning sympathizers!
If you follow us on facebook, you already know what happened yesterday, but here is a summary of it all.
To get as fast as possible through scrutineering, we got up ready early in the morning to get in line for scrutineering. At seven o’clock, we were waiting as 4th in scrutineering queue. Unfortunately, but quite logically, teams that hadn’t started their scrutineering yet were given priority. A few moments later, we were in and the scrutineers were very happy because even though we only have one electronics student, we were very well prepared. It went well and they asked us to move one part from...

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Static events @Hockenheim

Published Aug 1st, 00:00

Static events @Hockenheim It has been a very busy day for Formula Group T at Hockenheim. The morning started with scrutineering, the technical check of the whole car on different levels. Before we were allowed to enter, a pre-scurtineering was necessary. During this test an official checked the toolkit and the driver safety suit. Entering the scrutineering area is based on the results of a quiz all teams had to fill-in. So as soon it was our turn, we drove in. Before the vehicles are permitted to take part in the individual dynamic disciplines, they have to pass the technical acceptance test – the so called scrutineering. This checks whether all (safety) rules...

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First day @Hockenheim

Published Jul 30th, 02:43

First day @Hockenheim The first day of the Formula Student competition at Hockenheim has come to an end. Time for an overview!
Yesterday we installed our pitbox, the workplace where June gets her tlc. Afterwards the team started fine tuning June immediatly to make her ready for scrutineering. Today we started working on the car very early as scrutineering is scheduled for tomorrow! The lunchbreak offered the teams the time to take the traditional photograph including all present teams at Hockenheim. A rather impressive picture if you realize that 3800 students are participating in this competition.

Today we took some time to have a look...

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Formula Group T @ Hockenheim (part 1)

Published Jul 29th, 00:00

Formula Group T @ Hockenheim (part 1) This week we will participate in the Formula Student Competition in Hockenheim. The race will take place until Sunday the 3th of August. Of all the Formula Student competitions, this event is closest to Belgium. This is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the largest competition for students in the world.
We would like to invite you and your friends to this competition. You are welcome at the Hockenheim Ring on the dates listed below. We advise you to come in the weekend so you can see our car in action.

The dates:

- Wednesday 30th of July until Friday 3 of August: Scrutineering and...

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Eurocircuits PCBs

Published Jul 25th, 00:00

Eurocircuits PCBs Junes intelligence is made possible by a lot of electronics for safety and control purposes. Most of these systems are developed and assembled in-house.
During the competition we also need to take spare PCB's with us to make sure we can replace parts if needed. Even between the races changes are made to the designs to optimize the functionality and the size.
Eurocircuits supported us by supplying all of the needed blank PCB's. The fast production and delivery services of Eurocircuits allowed us to get everything on time and exactly like our design. They also reviewed our board designs to make sure everything was design...

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